YOMO Hall of Fame

You like making delicious YOMO creations and we love seeing them! Explore some of our favorites in the gallery below. Snap a photo of your latest creation and share it with us on Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter.
  1. Cherry Chip Swirl

    Cherry Chip Swirl

    Becky S., Mt. Sterling, KY

    • Triple Chocolate

      Triple Chocolate

    • Vanilla Bean

      Vanilla Bean

    • Cherries


    • Chocolate Chips

      Chocolate Chips

    • Yogurt Chips

      Yogurt Chips

  2. Very Berry Parfait

    Very Berry Parfait

    Dannette K., Florence, AL

    • Blueberry Tart

      Blueberry Tart

    • Blueberries


    • Oats and Honey Granola

      Oats and Honey Granola

    • Strawberries


  3. Candy Land

    Candy Land

    Kathleen P., Gardendale, AL

    • Grape Soda Sorbet

      Grape Soda Sorbet

    • Candy Laces

      Candy Laces

    • Gummi Bears

      Gummi Bears

    • Rainbow Belts

      Rainbow Belts

    • Rainbow Sprinkles

      Rainbow Sprinkles

  4. The Chocoholic

    The Chocoholic

    Ashley S., Greenville, SC

    • Triple Chocolate

      Triple Chocolate

    • Cappuccino Bites

      Cappuccino Bites

    • Chocolate Chips

      Chocolate Chips

    • Hot Fudge

      Hot Fudge

    • Whoppers


  5. The Worminator

    The Worminator

    Brad W., Birmingham, AL

    • Sour Green Apple Candy Sorbet

      Sour Green Apple Candy Sorbet

    • Sour Worms

      Sour Worms